Adulting Better with Adult Development: See It, Feel It, Do It

“Adulting” is a silly but catchy term that means engaging in the behaviors of a responsible adult (holding down a job, making monthly payments, and overall physical self-care). The “Urban Dictionary” includes the following:  “…responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.” From this perspective adulting basically means maturity.

Common wisdom holds that people who use the term are young people who are not able to do adult things. I disagree. In my experience, most adults occasionally feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, or like frauds who are “faking it until they make it.” Whether occasionally or all the time, no amount of “adulting checklists” can address the underlying cause of the adultus interruptus pandemic, but that does not mean there is no way forward.

There is a simple 3-step solution that you can begin right now. I call it the “See It, Feel It, Do It” path to maturity. I should warn you that although each step is “simple,” there is a good amount of courage involved in taking this path.

The “See It, Feel It, Do It” path I am offering comes from developmental psychology – that’s the branch of psychology that is all about maturity, all about the “developed” in “fully developed individuals.” You probably know about this field already. Most of you have heard of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,” the pyramid with “Physiology Needs” at the bottom and “Self-Actualization Needs” at the top (Maslow added “Self-Transcendence Needs” above this in later versions).