Leadership 360 Reports

The ZEDx Leadership 360

Most leadership 360 reports are generated by analyzing a leader’s personality type, or their level of emotional intelligence. The problem with personality-based 360s is that they are not as reliable as they claim, because our supposedly “fixed” personality types often change when you re-test people. The problem with EQ-based 360s is that they are not as valid as they claim, because every EQ measure is actually a questionnaire about interpersonal interactions.

Capacity, Character, and Culture – these are the 3 most important leadership qualities. Capacity refers to the number of perspectives a leader can simultaneously “hold” in mind; leaders who do this better have earned a higher degree of respect from colleagues. Character refers to the actual and perceived integrity of the leader; leaders who “walk the talk” of their values and are “graciously assertive” (neither arrogant nor insecure) have earned a high degree of integrity. Culture refers to the communications and follow-through of the leader; leaders who do these better have earned a higher degree of trust.

The Leadership Effectiveness Quotient (LEQ)

30 minute interviews with 10-20 people (mostly colleagues, but a few personal relations as well), and with the leader, form the foundation for the ZEDx 360 report. Responses to questions are factored together using standard qualitative research methods. The aggregated responses for each factor within a given leadership quality (Capacity, Character, Culture) are rated along a 1-7 range. The higher the number, the better the score. At each step, total transparency is given with regards to how the overall LEQ score was composed. This allows any organization to compare apples-to-apples, and gives you a laser-targeted view on areas of strength and areas to improve.

Putting it All Together

Having both qualitative and quantitative results allows the leader (and anyone with whom they must or choose to share their report) to see what others may already know (but are too afraid to state directly), and also what strengths may be overlooked. Furthermore, the ZEDx 360 provides a view on the one behavior change that everyone knows (including the leader!) would take the leader to a world-class level. The real value in the ZEDx 360 is the clearest of views on next steps for leadership development, both now and in the future.