About David Zeitler

David ZeitlerDavid Zeitler has been helping people to transform their lives for two decades.

His path began as a Neuroscience undergraduate, continued with cutting edge research into Adult Development in graduate psychology, and culminated in Leadership Development in graduate business. These three themes permeate his work.

David began his path as a psychotherapist, working with “dual-diagnosis” populations in locked psychiatric wards. For ten years David worked directly with renowned philosophers and cutting edge thinkers to build and run the psychotherapy arm of Integral Institute.

It was during this time that David began a two-year retreat in the Shaolin Ch’an Buddhist Order. As a “lay-monk” David lived a cloistered life of practice. Many years and several masters later, David earned high rankings as both a tai-chi and kung-fu practitioner.

One day, while reading an article about how to bring wisdom into the business world, David saw an image that burned into his heart – a Buddha statue donning a three piece suit. This activating-symbol galvanized all of his interests, and David left the order to pursue an MBA with a specialization in Leadership Development.

While he was working towards his MBA, David was an Associate Professor of Integral Psychology and Integral Theory. His main contribution was in the teaching and research of Adult Developmental Psychology, specifically the works of Robert Kegan, who also served as the basis for his psychology graduate thesis.

In 2010, David was part of the first cohort in Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey’s professional coach training program. Based on decades of empirical research at Harvard, the Immunity to Change coaching system was created to accelerate the natural process of developing from one stage to the next. Because the Immunity to Change coaching program is based on the psychometrics used to assess development, in the hands of a skilled practitioner it can both locate an adult’s level of development and help them generate their next level skills and behaviors.

From 2011 to 2018 David served as Faculty in Kegan & Lahey’s coach training program; in 2014 he was promoted to Director of Coaching. David trains executive coaches in the use of this novel and powerful program of transformation.